We provide turnkey
website recovery from archive.org!

We clone existing sites!

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Price includes:

  1. Posting links (Partial, sitewide, sections, menu blocks, random, anything you need)
  2. Removing ads, counters, extra/broken pages, etc.
  3. Restoring the maximum number of URLs
    (For the entire period in archive.org + search engine logs)
  4. Excluding any “technical” errors for search engine crawlers
  5. Connecting your WordPress (Or a clean one) via a subfolder (Ex.: domain.com/blog/);
  6. Removing any old contacts:
    • Names, addresses, phone numbers
    • Photos, e-mails, links to personal pages
    • Pages with contacts, etc.
  7. Setting up redirects for addresses without content + default setup
  8. Fixing layout errors
  9. Adding new pages and links leading to them
  10. Merging of content from several domains (Into a single domain or subfolder)
  11. Removing external links
  12. Partially/completely removing non-existent images, if this does not break the layout
  13. Stubs for non-existent images/fonts/css/js
  14. Normalization/Minification of HTML
  15. Changing the encoding
  16. Preliminary demo
  17. We can finalize features if needed.

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